Thursday, March 3, 2011

An appeal to respect copyright

Yesterday saw an unfortunate addition to this blog with the inclusion of a copyright notice above the day's entry.
It is not an addition I wanted, but as sole writer and researcher of this blog and, I would just like to make a simple appeal.
All the new content on this blog and Alan Ayckbourn's website is original content. I do not reproduce press releases verbatim for news articles, but research and write original articles which reflect the quite specific interests of this blog.
Nor is this blog a press release service for Alan Ayckbourn. It is a news and features service for people interested in the work of Alan Ayckbourn, to which copyright laws apply to the articles as to any other publication in any media.
As a result, the material on this blog is copyrighted to myself and should not be reprinted without seeking permission first or, at the very least, acknowledging the source of the article.
This issue has been steadily growing, but yesterday saw a professional media publication reprint Monday's blog practically verbatim. This was noted by a number of visitors to the site and is obviously incredibly dispiriting that another organisation is taking credit for my work.
I receive an exceptional amount of support and positive feedback for running Alan Ayckbourn's website and this blog, for which I am always grateful. I know the majority of the visitors to the site treat the material concerned with respect and I'm only to happy to hear from students, researchers and media organisations looking to reprint material, as in most cases they show the politeness to ask and then credit the reproduction.
It would be a very real disservice to the many visitors who support this blog, if it had to be closed because of the actions of a minority of visitors who should know better.
So please, if you are about to cut and paste an article from the blog or the website without crediting it or seeking permission, please stop and think not only how you're taking credit for someone else's work but also breaking copyright law.

If you're thinking of reproducing anything from this blog or, please contact me at Generally I am more than happy to allow this as long as either myself or the website is credited.