Thursday, January 5, 2017

Preview of 2017

Following on from our review of 2016, we take a peek at some of the Ayckbourn treats coming in 2017.

> As always, 2017 will see the world premiere of a new Alan Ayckbourn play at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. Details are expected to be announced soon, but expect the 81st play to be premiered during the summer at the SJT.
> This will be paired with the revival of a classic Ayckbourn from the 1970s which promises to be a real treat for Ayckbourn fans. Both plays at the SJT will, of course, be directed by Alan Ayckbourn himself.
> Outside of Scarborough and last year's acclaimed revival of Henceforward... is touring out from the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Directed by Alan Ayckbourn and starring Bill Champion, Jacqueline King, Laura Matthews, Nigel Hastings and Jessie Hart, this will be visiting Guildford, Northampton, Cambridge and Windsor. Details can be found at
> Don't be surprised if the playwright pulls something else special out of the bag this year to mark the 60th anniversary of him joining the Library Theatre company (now the Stephen Joseph Theatre) in Scarborough in 1957.
> On Alan Ayckbourn's website, we'll be celebrating the 60th anniversary of Alan joining the Scarborough company with a weekly look every Friday on this blog at the significant events of each year the playwright has been working in the town.
> It's also the 50th anniversary of the death of Alan Ayckbourn's single most influential mentor, Stephen Joseph, in October and it would be a surprise not to see this marked in some way.
> Outside of Scarborough and Pitlochry festival Theatre will continue its annual tradition of an Ayckbourn  play with a revival of the classic Absurd Person Singular between June and October. Also expect news of a major end-of-year Ayckbourn revival to be announced in the coming months.
> This year is also likely to see the production rights for a raft of Ayckbourn plays to be released including The Karaoke Theatre Company, Consuming Passions and Miss Yesterday, so another good year for amateur companies looking for new Ayckbourn works.
> Speaking of amateur companies, Dick & Lottie - the UK's only amateur company dedicated to Alan Ayckbourn's plays - will once again be offering a challenging slate this year with the 'chance' plays. During the course of the year, the Huddersfield based company will be presenting Roundelay, Sisterly Feelings and It Could Be Any One Of Us - all being performed as intended with the chance element intact. Further details can be found at
> Although details have not been announced, there will also be at least one UK Ayckbourn tour of a classic Ayckbourn play - expect more news soon.
> Other anniversaries this year include the 50th anniversary of the West End premiere of Relatively Speaking and the 25th anniversary of the world premiere of Time Of My Life.

Expect a lot more Ayckbourn news this year which we'll be carrying on the blog and at

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